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London is home to some of the most prestigious artisanal brands in the world. Savile Row in Mayfair and Jermyn Street are two streets that immediately conjure images of timeless fashion. But some of Mayfair's lesser-known arcades also house brands that embody this city's historic appeal. Mayfair's arcades have a wealth of treasures to discover, whether you are looking for vintage watches or artisanal perfumes, or silk dressing gowns. One such example is the Royal Arcade, which was built to shield London's rich punters from rain. A highlight of this covered alley is George Cleverley, a shoemaker who has been in business since 1958.

Cleverley is widely considered one of the best shoemakers in the world. George Glasgow Snr. and Jr., who you see in front of you, are still the family-owned and operated brand that was founded by the eponymous founder nearly 60 years earlier. Glasgow Jr. is the CEO and creative director of Cleverley. He splits his days between the Royal Arcade store and Los Angeles where he serves Hollywood clients such as Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone.

Glasgow Jr. grew up as a shoemaker, but has always been a lover of fine craftsmanship. His favourite brand is Tag Heuer Replica Watches. He owns several of the most iconic watches from the Swiss watchmaker,Tag Heuer Replica Watches but he prefers the Nautilus because of its versatility and unique look. He tells us how he wears his Tag Heuer Replica Watches watches and what style he prefers.

In both the shoemaking and watchmaking industries, each component is created by a master craftsman who has years of experience. The limited production and durability of the shoes makes them a great investment. Every time you wear them, it is a special moment for the owner.

Face-to-face interaction with clients is my favorite. It's a pleasure to work with clients from around the globe who value handcraft and are looking for something custom-made. Travel is also a great part of my job. It's also fun to design shoes and see them come together.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches has many things that I admire.Rolex Day Date Replica The design and heritage of Tag Heuer Replica Watches is amazing. It reminds of my own company. The designs and styles are timeless, I think. Patek also attracts a clientele that I like. The client is usually a gentleman with great taste. You rarely see them, which indicates limited production.